Value Proposition: compare to gas-guzzling smelly polluting never ending cost & maintenance of conventional outboards

The cost of fuel, maintenance, the smell & pollution that come with an outboard gas motor never ends, but the SolarSkiff NEVER needs gas (& avoids all the other hassles of fueled engines, too!). 

Let's compare costs of the SolarSkiff with a 2 person gas outboard boat of the same length & beam, such as:

Uncle Buck's Pond Prowler from Bass Pro Shops

$679.99 for the boat +

$1000 for the motor +

$1000 for a lifetime of gas +

$1000 for the required trailer +

fuel tank, fuel lines, pumps & connectors +

trolling motor, charger & heavy lead-acid battery  =  

about $4500 for a lifetime of smelling gas fumes, flushing the motor after each use & other on-going recommended maintenance

Compare to the SolarSkiff 842: 

  • $3800 plug-in or $4550 solar
  • No fumes! 
  • No trailer required!  
  • No flushing with each use! 
SolarSkiff is Simply Betta.