Rental Agreement & Liability Waiver

You must review and sign this when you arrive at the Marina in order to go on your Solar Boat Tour.  Your copy will be waiting for you inside the Marina Ship's Store on the clipboards opposite the cash register.  Present your signed forms and Drivers License/picture ID to your escort guide when completed.

  Rental Agreement & Liability Waiver

Solar Boat Tours LLC
POB 2592
Bay Saint Louis, MS 39521



 Boat(s) Rented:

  •  Boat #2: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #3: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #4: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #5: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #6: 12 foot 2-person

 All boats come equipped with trolling motor, battery, painter (for tying up to dock), paddles, dry bag & cooler (with plastic bag inside for any trash). 


USCG-approved Type III Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) (equipped with whistles for hailing others in event of emergency) will be provided for all adult passengers, subject to availability of fit. Boat may not be rented nor operated without all passengers wearing PFDs at all times on the water.


Parents must provide USCG-approved lifejackets for their children.  We do not stock small & children’s sizes.


Other Operators (must be over 21 or be supervised by Renter/Operator):









Other Passengers (if any):








Float Plan:


Estimated Time Leaving Dock:__________________


Estimated Time of Return:______________________


Route (check one):


  •  NoName Bayou to the Bay & return (about an hour)


  •  Other:_______________________________________________________________


Owner provides laminated maps of the checked routes, but does not guarantee their accuracy.  Renter shall not change float plan without expressed written approval of Owner.    


Renter agrees to rent the boat(s) for the route, as indicated above, for the net rental fee of $______.  Renter is above the age of 21 and as an adult operator, takes responsibility for the boat (normal wear and tear excepted), its safe operation, and the safety of its passengers.  Renter/Operator(s) attests they can swim and feel comfortable on the water.


Boat operation will occur only during daytime hours with average temperatures above 60 degrees F and good visibility on the water.


No alcohol shall be consumed nor shall operator(s) operate boat while impaired at any time.

No smoking while underway.


No swimming or fishing from boat.  No towing of persons, tubes or other floats. No pets.


Renter/Operator(s) shall avoid collisions all times and otherwise follow all safe boating laws.


Renter/Operator(s) understand(s) that safe boating is no accident, that serious injury, damage or even death can result from unsafe operation, and hereby holds harmless and indemnifies Solar Boat Tours LLC, its management and staff for all claims, damages, liabilities, negligence, injury, damage or death, including all attorneys fees.


Renter/Operator(s) grant, at no cost, all rights, clearances, releases, and licenses for the use of photos and videos of Renter/Operator(s) and others in their party by Solar Boat Tours LLC in print, web use, or other display, with copyright vested with Solar Boat Tours LLC.


In the event that boat(s) and all equipment provided are not returned within the time indicated, Renter herby authorizes extra rental charges on an hourly basis of $45 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum, until boat is returned in same condition as when first rented (normal wear and tear excepted).


In the event that boat(s) and all of its equipment is not returned within 24 hours of beginning initial rental, Renter hereby authorizes Owner to charge Renter’s credit or debit card for full cost of boat(s) at cost of  $ 3500 per 12 foot boat.


Agreed to this _____ day of ________, 2014 by Owner and Renter/Operators:




Owner, Solar Boat Tours LLC






Other Operator(s):