Safe Boating Checklist


Safe Boating Checklist

Name of Renter:______________________________________________________


What to bring: drivers’ license or other photo ID, exact cash if not pre-registered, water, light snack if desired, water shoes or sneakers, sunscreen already applied, full brim hat, light color clothes, camera phone placed in dry bag provided.  Non-alcoholic drinks & snacks typically available for purchase at marina Ship’s Store.


Check weather report.  Do not go out if under 60 degrees, over 15 mph steady wind, or 50% or greater chance of heavy rain or storm.  


Boat(s) Rented:

  •  Boat #2: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #3: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #4: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #5: 12 foot 2-person
  •  Boat #6: 12 foot 2-person

 Safe Loading:

  •  Weight of persons of ______pounds is less than the allowed capacity of 438 pounds.  Total weight of persons, motor, & gear not to exceed 555 pounds. 
  • Maintain balanced loading so boat does not lean too far left or right.


Review trolling motor: 

  • Pull motor handle out for forward, then turn handle to bring to desired speed. 
  • Turn motor off before switching from forward to reverse, and vice-versa. 
  • Push handle back for reverse, then turn handle to bring to desired speed. 
  • Turn motor left to turn bow of boat to the right. 
  • Turn motor right to turn bow of boat to the left. 

Identify battery box, painter (for tying up to dock), paddles, dry bag & cooler (with plastic bag inside for any trash). 


Select and check fit of USCG-approved Type III Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) located in carts outside near marina gazebo. Note lifejacket sizes on carts.  Locate signaling whistles on each lifejacket. 


Parents must provide USCG-approved lifejackets for their children.  We do not stock small & children’s sizes.


Make sure all passengers wearing PFDs at all times on the water.


Boat license to remain in zipped front pocket of cooler.


Getting in and out of boats: 

  • Shade canopies are not hand holds!  Do not grab or hold.
  • Motor stopped when loading or unloading.
  • Sit on edge of dock, step or roll into middle of boat, then into seat.
  • Do not stand at any time on boats.

 While underway:

  • Stay away from swimmers, fisherman and their lines, other boats, shallow water, submerged dock pilings, floating wood, overhanging tree branches and land.
  • Stay with the group & aware of the escort guide’s location.
  • Boats approaching each other usually pass with left (or port) sides facing each other.
  • Stay alert.  Operator must have unobstructed view of water and maintain a proper lookout by sight and hearing at all times.
  • Return to dock if sudden storms appear on horizon.
  • In event of capsize, seek to right the boat and get back in it.  In general, stay with the boat until assistance arrives.
  • Render assistance that can safely be provided to anyone under danger at sea.
  • Report all accidents resulting in injury or substantial damage to Solar Boat Tours at 228/363-2529, the Department of Marine Resources at 228-374-5000, and file online accident report with US Coast Guard within 48 hours.

 At end of voyage:

  •  Take personal belongings with you.
  • Report your arrival back to port to Solar Boat Tours at 228-363-2529 if you somehow got separated from the group.


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